Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mapping impotence. Point 1.

That's it this time I shall do it properly.

This #lesmauxdesmots is getting out of control.

Get back in between the lines.

This is MY story.

And yet it is clear that it isn't.

It isn't mine, it isn't yours, it isn't even theirs.

It's possessed...of a life of its own.

It's a bloody weed.

The quicker you try to cut it back the quicker it grows.

There you have it. I was settting out to map and what do I find from maps?

Maps are power. I am becoming only too aware of my impotence.

You want a demonstation?

OK.  I'm warning you it won't fit on one blog page.

Point 1.

An Exquisite Corpse

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